Moving to Southport. I get the question all the time.  What made you decide to move to Southport? It is hard to explain a feeling, a way of life and all the great things that come living in Southport, North Carolina.  Southport has a personality,a non judging way and the Sea breeze sings to my soul.  It is the way it was, the way it should be and the way we like it.  Front porch living.  Swinging on the front porch is one of our very favorite down times.  Enjoying the salt water pool, the plants, trees and awesome views.  The people here in our town are friendly.  You usually see a local strolling down the pathway and with a pet friend in tow.  We opened the Inn to share this experience with guests.  They say “there is no place like home” and we say “there is no place like Southport”.